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Design, Manufacture, and Installation of Laboratory Furniture

Providing Laboratory Furniture, Technical Furniture, Workbench Systems, and Storage Equipment

We are a long-established manufacturer and have a great deal of experience in the technical furniture industry

Machlab provides a full range of laboratory and industrial products and services, including laboratory design consultancy, laboratory design and build, furniture supply and installation, fume cupboards, fume extraction systems, safety equipment, mechanical pipework, electrical wiring, building works and maintenance & testing services. We offer a comprehensive, cost-effective and professional range to cater for all aspects of fitting out, remodelling and refurbishment of laboratories in the Industrial, Educational and Healthcare sectors throughout Southeast Asia.


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Laboratory System Furniture

Safety Storage Cabinets

Specialty Storage Cabinets

Fume Hoods

Flexis Technical ESD Workbench

Kuda Industrial Workbench

Omnibench Heavy-Duty Workbench

Inspection Tables

Storage Cabinets

Laboratory Chairs

Laboratory Accessories

ESD Components

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