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Modular Workbench

FLEXIS is a series of workbench specifically designed for modularity and flexibility. Users are given the options to choose their own components and accessories for their workbench.

The versatility allows users to make changes in the future, which makes it practical and cost-efficient for long-term use. Choose from the large variety of materials, finishing, configurations and accessories to build the perfect workstation for you. FLEXIS consists of:

  • Drawer options
  • Trunking with integrated cable management
  • Overhead lighting
  • Upper Shelves
  • Railing for tool storage bins
  • Perforated panel for tools
  • Custom applications are available.


Finishing Quality

  • Hardness Test: ASTM D3363
  • Soft Spray Test: ASTM B117
  • Thickness Test: ISO 2178
  • Gloss Test: ISO 2813
  • Cross-cut Adhesion Test: ISO 2409