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Astoria Suspended System

The Machlab ASTORIA suspended system offers a holistic solution for your laboratory space. Designed for maximum versatility and flexibility, the ASTORIA is as easy to assemble as it is to maintain.

The under-bench storage units can easily be removed, interchanged or replaced without suspending any laboratory work. Any hazardous spillage can also be treated or disinfected immediately.

All mechanical pipeworks, plumbings and electrical wirings are cleverly concealed to present a seamless uncluttered laboratory that is not only fit for purpose but pleasant to the eyes too.

Astoria Suspended System | Machlab

Decker Pedestal System

One of Asia’s most widely used laboratory furniture system, the DECKER pedestal system is the ideal choice for laboratories where durability is of prime important.

Study floor mounted storage units provide complete support to the worktop. Decker fully integrates with Machlab comprehensive range of base cabinets, which are ergonomically designed to enhance your productivity and working experience. Toe space areas are neatly protected with skirtings, which can be coved with vinyl floor finish to create a clean working environment.

Astoria Suspended System | Machlab

Contempo Mobile System

CONTEMPO allows the worktop to be mounted independently of the base units on tubular steel support frames. Ideal for a laboratory that requires maximum accessibility and floor space for equipment.

Mobile under-bench units provide additional storage space where necessary, enhancing ergonomics for laboratory users.

Maintenance is easy with virtually no obstruction to under-bench space and highly accessible pipeworks and electrical wirings.


Astoria Suspended System | Machlab