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Wall-Mounted Canopy Hood

Canopy Hoods are specifically designed for extraction of non-toxic materials such as heat, steam and odors from a particular area. They are usually installed above large apparatus that do not require a physical barrier such as ovens, steam baths and autoclaves. The hood may be installed on a wall or suspended from the ceiling.



Product Details

Length Depth Height Stainless Steel 304 Electro-Galvanized Steel with Epoxy Powder Coating
1200 750 550 SSCH-4W-01 MSCH-4W-01
900 SSCH-4W-02 MSCH-4W-02
1500 750 550 SSCH-5W-01 MSCH-5W-01
900 SSCH-5W-02 MSCH-5W-02
1800 750 550 SSCH-6W-01 MSCH-6W-01
900 SSCH-6W-02 MSCH-6W-02